The Computer Game Show 087: Knowing Memes Knowing You

January 16, 2018
Mat has a word or two to say about the show’s twitter feed, while also giving David an ear bashing about his editing. James is still worried about people finding out where he lives and Jon achieves something no one else has on the show in 2018, finishing a game.

The Computer Game Show 086: I Want QWOP

January 9, 2018

Jon Denton finally sits down in Sean’s chair and joins the show for the foreseeable future. The boys sit down to talk about the games they’ve played over the festive period, what the differences between PUBG and Fortnite are and how long it would take their mothers to get a chicken dinner.


The Computer Game Show 085: GOTY 2017

December 19, 2017
Sean, David, James and Mat sit down to argue over which game should be their official Game Of The Year 2017. Bonds are formed, enemies are made and no punches are pulled. This one gets nasty.

The Computer Game Show 084: The Draft 2017

December 12, 2017
Sean returns as the boys put together a list of the top 16 games released this year, ready for next week’s GOTY show. David exposes one of his co-hosts for the villain he is while James has a few things to say about advertising.

The Computer Game Show 083: Good Added

December 5, 2017
This week the boys are joined by Andrew Smith from Spilt Milk Studios to give a developer’s perspective on loot crates. James still isn’t having any of it. David gets a new nick name and Mat reads out the patch notes for Yooka Laylee

The Computer Game Show 082: And I Quote

November 28, 2017
David returns to the show and has to explain a few home truths regarding his claims of being The Main One. James tries to explain why Animal Crossing is so good, but why Animal Crossing Pocket Camp isn’t. Mat continues pressing forward and B and there’s the usual feedback from the listeners, who still want to talk about loot boxes.

The Computer Game Show 081: Michaeltransactions

November 21, 2017

David's taken the week off, so Jon Denton joins Mat and James to talk Mario movies, Xbox One X, Assassin's Creed, Dark Souls and RiME. Plus a James Farley origins story that explains everything.



The Computer Game Show 080: Thoughts

November 14, 2017

This week the boys are joined by Tamoor Hussain from Gamespot as they talk about Call of Duty, Battlefront 2's unlockables and what it's like to interview David Cage. James has a bone to pick with Mat who himself has an announcement to make.

Artwork by BigShimmeryWall
Music by Nick Parton


The Computer Game Show 079: I Love Lamps

November 8, 2017

This week's episode starts with lengthy feedback/arguments on last week's discussions about violence in video games and David Cage's writing ability. Then there's some news, before more Mario discussion, the world's worst version of Monopoly, David forgetting the name of a mobile game and Mat being bullied into doing something he doesn't want to do.


The Computer Game Show 078: Super Mario Podyssey

November 1, 2017
After the Playstation event David, James and Mat discuss whether games are getting too violent and if they think David Cage should be approaching subjects such as domestic abuse. Thankfully the show takes a lighter turn later on as they talk about one of the biggest releases of the year, Super Mario Odyssey.